#startuponedayrole challenge

Being the founder. I started to work on everything by self, while my hunt for cofounder and employees is still going on. It’s tough to do Multi-tasking, you will end up doing lot things with less or sometimes poor quality. So I decided to take one role a day.

Like any other early stage startup, I started to work on everything that range from thinking the product future, coding the product, taking feedbacks and many more, that range from talking to people as marketing strategy etc. Then I realized I’m not sure If I really can work on everything on a single. Multi-tasking is not really my thing. So then I made a decision to work on different things in different days, But being a startup i don’t have that luxury :( .

So, planned to take some challenges #startuponedayrole, According to this challenge, in a day, my primary role is be something ie., Developer, Business Analyst, Testing Automation Developer, Tester. Primary role as in most of my day involves this role and I cannot make any excuses in finishing this role task.

As a part of the challenge, I need take the following challenges :

  1. Business Analyst day
  2. Developer day
  3. Tester & QA Day
  4. Business Development & Marketing Day

I’m not quite suite if I take all roles in a week, but I certainly take most of them in a week.