I took my first startup challenge

Taking and winning challenges always inspire you and refills yours confidence.

Since college, I’ve always wanted to create something awesome, build something big. I know that sounds like any other crazy adolescent dreams, but yeah it’s kind of!. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to become a worlds renowned Scientist. But finally I founded my first startup.

So, after few years of academic research, working as technical associate in a computational drug discovery company, IT consultant for a Bay area startup, Software developer in IIT Delhi and Head of Technology and Development for a Food tech startup. I finally choose to start my own company. I gave a lot of thought, went through many names, and finalized a name Invana which is derivative of the words, Invention and Nirvana. I’m so glad that sounds more Sanskritish than I always wanted :D.

After I left the last company(March 31st 2016), and started working on building the product. The challenge is I should not trim my beard till I achieve my first milestone which is getting at least 10,000 scientists and developers on to the platform. I know 10K users sounds less, but I believe getting 10K uses on board is just a beginning, not the end.