Setting up Continuous testing and Continuous Integration(CI) with Jenkins in localhost

Jenkins is one of the coolest open-source tool. As a developer I write many codes in a day and performs many commits, pulling the code a day. I like Travis CI for opensource projects, but when it comes to private projects they charge me. So I was exploring Jenkins and realised that’s what I want for my localhost.

Django Fake data

django-autofixture( inserts the fake data into the models with no scripting . It gets the data up and running in single command python loadtestdata blog.BlogPost:100.

I wish the fake data is in good english, but it’s a good start.

Django - why ajax for pages ? we have Pjax

Pjax( is a jQuery plugin a standalone JavaScript module that uses ajax (XmlHttpRequest) and pushState() to deliver a fast browsing experience.

Typically django serves each page with a entire page reload, costing performance. Using Pjax, its we convert our django application into a light weight server rendered SPA :) , Lets know how awesome is that..

Hello Ionic framework - a sample hydrib mobile application.

Ionic Framework as the website says is the top open source framework for building amazing mobile apps..

I’ve written a sample 3 page mobile app that can be deployed into iOS and android.

Integrating into django project for transactional emails.

Elastiemail as the website says is a email delivery tools provider, you can send transactional as well as promotional emails.

I’ve written a EMAILBACKEND class that allows you to send emails in django project using