I'm Ravi Raja Merugu

Python, Web, Data and Distrubuted Computing

Diehard fan of Python and Opensource. Ex-Computational Biologist, A wanna be Scientist, Loves simulations, automations and using machines as my minions; finally a swimmer and Nature lover :)


  • Code : TrawlerA data gathering framework to search and get information from web sources

  • Code : Compute ClientA web based compute client for tracking the scientific research activity


  • Code : r2 consoleCommand line utility for monitoring the users' command-line activity.

  • Code : r2 gromacs.pyAutomation script for a molecular dynamics tool - Gromacs (www.gromacs.org).

  • Code : Lucy ChatbotA chatbot that is designed to become a scientist's personal research assistant


  • Code : Django SeedSeed project for Django + MongoDB + Redis + Celery

  • Code : Whatsapp chatmateChatmate project the reads what for Django + MongoDB


  • Code : r2 Gromacs GUIGUI tool for a molecular dynamics tool - Gromacs (www.gromacs.org).