Hello World! Welcome to my First Jekyll Blog!

Blogging isn’t my thing, and I never imagined setting up a blog using Jekyll. Recently starting the new blog with Jekyll and loving it .

I could be able to setup this blog in 4 hours :D Just amazing. I wasted an hour in these 4 hrs just because I didn’t realize that changes in _config.yml will be not reload automatically like the way it happens for scss, css, html, md files. My bad I’m expecting the changed to reflect without restarting the Jekyll server. But anyways here we go, finally I’m able create a Jekyll blog starting from creating jekyll new myblog to customising(the current state of my blog ) in just 4 hours. How cool is that :D.

The best things about Jekyll:

  • Loads really fast - no server side rendering anyways
  • secure - no server side calculations or executions
  • no database - no mysql, username, password, administrations etc
  • markdown - much better way of writing