Being a Business Analyst for one day #startuponedayrole

Product Feature Documentation keeps everyone in the team on the same page, so I decided to write product documentation the way a BA would do it !

#startuponedayrole challenge

Being the founder. I started to work on everything by self, while my hunt for cofounder and employees is still going on. It’s tough to do Multi-tasking, you will end up doing lot things with less or sometimes poor quality. So I decided to take one role a day.

My Story

If you are a theist, you think its the beauty of God, But If you are a Scientist, you think, let’s explore why its beautiful. I prefer to be the second type.

I’m a stupidly curious guy with crazy imaginations. But I’m not into everything!, I don’t care about most of the things. Honestly as bad as it sounds, I don’t even know the current President of my country. The last one I knew was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The only reason I knew of him was because he is a Scientist and my academics back then had a subject General Knowledge in curriculum.

I took my first startup challenge

Taking and winning challenges always inspire you and refills yours confidence.

Since college, I’ve always wanted to create something awesome, build something big. I know that sounds like any other crazy adolescent dreams, but yeah it’s kind of!. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to become a worlds renowned Scientist. But finally I founded my first startup.

Hello World! Welcome to my First Jekyll Blog!

Blogging isn’t my thing, and I never imagined setting up a blog using Jekyll. Recently starting the new blog with Jekyll and loving it .