Django - why ajax for pages ? we have Pjax

Pjax( is a jQuery plugin a standalone JavaScript module that uses ajax (XmlHttpRequest) and pushState() to deliver a fast browsing experience.

Typically django serves each page with a entire page reload, costing performance. Using Pjax, its we convert our django application into a light weight server rendered SPA :) , Lets know how awesome is that..

Hello Ionic framework - a sample hydrib mobile application.

Ionic Framework as the website says is the top open source framework for building amazing mobile apps..

I’ve written a sample 3 page mobile app that can be deployed into iOS and android.

Integrating into django project for transactional emails.

Elastiemail as the website says is a email delivery tools provider, you can send transactional as well as promotional emails.

I’ve written a EMAILBACKEND class that allows you to send emails in django project using

Hello Docker - my docker notes

Docker as the website homepage says is the world’s leading software containerization platform. Dockers and container tech has become a common practise in the software development. I tried it and fell in love with this for many reasons. The prime reason is it is an open-source project. Long hail opensource developers.

Being a Business Analyst for one day #startuponedayrole

Product Feature Documentation keeps everyone in the team on the same page, so I decided to write product documentation the way a BA would do it !